Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modern Ball Gowns--- The Fusion Of Classic & Fashion

As one-of-a-kind traditional style, ball gown wedding dresses have experienced a long history. Thus, it is always considered to be the most classic and formal style for brides-to-be on their nuptials. An hourglass shape dress at times is reminiscent of fairy tales that princess meets her prince and has a happy life together forever. Why? Because the princess is always wrapped in a ball gown dress.

Unlike the other styles, ball gown has its unique character which is a bell-like full skirt cover the underside of the body. Brides who have a pear shape do not need to worry about the reveal of figure disadvantages. Because the ball gown with empire waist disguise a less-than-taut tummy and hips. This style usually has a fitted waistline and bodice which can further accentuate the bell-shape of the dress.

With A-line being in favor for the past decade, the ball gown suffered the fate of being labeled as too heavy and clumsy. As the truly classic ball gowns should be made of satin which embodies a sense of wealth and grace. Other fabrics are seldom used for this style. However, the modern romantic ball gowns are made of more materials just to give the bride a different look. And in modern days, even more than two kinds of materials are possible for ball gowns. They can be featuring a slinky satin bodice with organza floral details on the dress. It makes each twist of dress graceful like enormous flowers sprouted from the skirts on backgrounds of organza. The contrasting effect is lush, plush and very seductive.

Among various necklines, strapless ball gown is one of the styles frequently picked by the brides-to-be. The conventional ball gown wedding dresses are with cap sleeves or shoulder wrap. While nowadays, strapless bridal wear turns to be common and flattering. It allows large area for brides to show their skin and don perfect jewelry

Every girl has a dream of becoming a princess on her wedding day. It is imperative to invest time in choosing a wedding dress that matches the character you have. Readily, you may find DressilyMe one-stop provide from top bottom about bridal wear for your big day.

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