Friday, March 25, 2011

Exquisite Evening Gowns For Formal Events

The blossoming spring is always a wonderful season for parties. Girls in this season may usually receive invitation to various kinds of event. In order to pick out a proper gown to be an elegant guest, it is necessary to know the dressing manner before attending the party. Here we are talking about the evening gowns.

Generally, the evening gown is designed to match with the very formal white tie attire by men. It is usually a loose, long and flowing garment for women to wear in a formal affair such as opening of social events, dancing parties as well as formal receptions. With its special character, ladies who don evening gowns are always elegant and feminine.

Easily, the evening gown is considered to be a ball gown. However, they are different in style and silhouette. Ball gown is typically a fluffy garment with full and flared skirt with fitted bodice while evening gown can be varied in any contour. As a formal prom dress, evening gown has undergone a history since middle Ages. Instead of being a conventional garment, it has become to be a vital part in formal occasions in wide variety of modern silhouette such as A-line, sheath or mermaid.

Among those different silhouettes, A-line is the most flattering. It has a close-fitting at the top and bell-shaped skirt gradually widen at the bottom. For sheath evening gown, it is the most fitted dress by its tightly straight bodice and drape. Ladies who have slender figure would prefer to choose sheath gown to show off their curves. While mermaid dress is possibly the most chic and stylish, it is form-fitting from the bodice to the knee and begins to flare out just like a mermaid.

To match the formal occasions, the evening gowns are basically made elaborately by luxury fabrics such as silk, velvet and taffeta. And embellishment like embroidery, beadings, sequins or any other ornaments are widely used to enrich the gowns.

As we know, prom is such an important occasion for ladies to show their outstanding gowns even for celebrities. The red carpet competition in reward ceremonies each year is exactly the proof. Thus, it is better to look for some dressing inspiration from professional channel such as DressilyMe which is leading prom outfits platform offering blue ribbon fashion for any kinds of events. It surely can bring you help on your look for your special occasion.  

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