Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High Collar Prom Dresses Showcase Elegance

The prom season is ongoing now. Young woman all over world may enjoy the amazing spring together with various prom occasions. Obviously, there is a large demand for prom dresses. What kind of style will you pick? Well, there are extremely lots of options. If you are asking which is the most elegant, the answer will be high collar prom dresses.

As we know, neckline is such an important focus that attracts people’s attention because it is the nearest part next to the face and collarbone. Just like the name, high collar is kind of neckline that always extends up the neck or end just below the neck. It gives an elongated effect for ladies who have long neck and beautiful collarbones.

Being a traditional formal style, high collar prom dress is considered to be conservative. However, along with the rapid change within fashion, they have become modern and stylish. Indeed, the collar covers ladies’ skin at the centre front of the dresses. However, on one hand, it enables ladies with modest and elegant looks on formal occasions. On the other hand, there are many variations on high collar prom gowns nowadays such as a cut-out or keyhole that reveals a limited amount of chest while maintaining the look of a high collar. They showcase a feminine character for women.

Besides, the modern high-neck dresses are usually designed in an open back style. Imagine while the unrevealing front displays it modest, the open back when turning around can totally blow you away. This style also supports all lengths of sleeves and silhouettes. Whether it is A-line, mermaid or sheath, the high collar suits various contour well with its exquisite look. When you choosing this style of prom dress, it is recommended to have your hairs up or just have an updo which is very flattering.

To be elegant is a must when you attending formal parties in which we can find everything graceful and gentle in order. The high collar prom gown is definitely helpful to enable you a gorgeous image. From different channels we can find classy gowns, but buying from on-line shop is the most convenient. DressilyMe is one of the leading on-line suppliers offering first class prom dresses in diverse fashion styles and designs. It can professionally provide you top goods as well as best services.

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