Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prom Dresses Trend 2011

Accompanying the blooming start of spring in 2011, we have our party season and certainly, various expecting Award ceremonies. As we know, fashion changes each year. How the celebrities will be dressed up, what they are going to wear on red carpet always take the influence on the whole fashion trend for the entire year. “In fashion, one day you are in and the next you are out” said Heidi Klum. Well, let’s try to figure out what kind of prom dress is going to heat up 2011.

First of all, styles play the more essential part rather than other factors. Whether it is a halter A-line, a low v-neck mermaid or sleeve black mini, there are really so many dresses available. Each girl can carry one to meet her style and personality. The Golden Globe Awards 2011 brought us a visual feast on red carpet. Open back and backless prom gowns are definitely a big hit, allow your hair up or down or even swept to the side like we saw Anne Hathaway in gorgeous sequins dress while Angelina Jolie wore fabulous sleeve open back gown. Sweetheart necklines look also popular; Catherine Zeta-Jones proved it in her stunning strapless sweetheart ball gown. Another big trend in prom dresses  2011 is varying lengths. Both floor length and short, flirty lengths are part of the 2011 line of evening gowns and prom formal dresses. Whatever lengths you choose for your prom dress, getting the embellished high-heal shoes is always fun! This worked just graceful on Olivia wilde.

As for the color trend for prom dresses 2011, it is bright popping colors. Blazing blue, bold green and brilliant yellow/green are used in 2011 prom dresses color scheme. There are quite some stars wore in Green dresses on Golden Globe red carpet, Mila Kunis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and our love Angelina Jolie. Of course traditional black or white prom dresses are always in style, so if have been dreaming of a silky black gown or a fresh white dress, you will shine like Eva Longoria in her charming black mermaid dress.

Of course the prom dress would not go perfect without the appropriate accessories. Matching necklaces are very traditional while a necklace that is different than your earrings is trendy and sassy. Clutch option should be in a contrasting color to stand out from the crow. In a word, your 2011 prom dress determines your jewelry, shoes as well as accessories which all can be one-stop shopped at DressilyMe for chic and up-to-date look from every angle. It is about being yourself, accenting your most beautiful features and letting your charm shine through.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Can’t Be Wrong To Have A-line Bridal Gown

The marvelous spring is coming around, accompanying the wonderful wedding season. Brides and grooms-to-be all over the world are in pursuit of their unique wedding plan for the entire happiness including Prince William and his gorgeous fiancee Kate Middleton. Clearly, all kinds of wedding dresses are soon to be crazily popular among these brides-to-be.

Even though styles of wedding dresses change every single year, there is one style which remains sought-after. That is A-line wedding dresses. By definition, the A-line cut is narrow at the top, cut close to the ribcage, and extends out along the body in the shape of “A” in a smooth, elongated line. The style is fitted above and around the hips but flares gently to the hem, giving a streamlined and quite slim look. No matter you're tall, short, and curvy or straight, a perfect A-line dress will look suitable and best on you in all respects.

Rather than conventions, the modern A-line wedding dresses focus on fashionable and creative design. There are ruffles, rushing and layers up etc. In order to cater to market demands, it can be various from the neckline to the shape of the dress even for fabrics and embellishments. For example, strapless A-line reveals brides’ shoulder and accentuates the entire feminine look. It creates a sexy charm too. The short A-line bridal dress look unconventional, but they are gaining wow-effect among brides who want to make a difference on their nuptials. On one hand, for different visual effect as well as season factor, it can be also made by different fabrics. Heavier fabrics like velvet for duchess satin used for winter or autumn while chiffon, georgette and organza are commonly used for summer. On the other hand, silk dresses are always perfect for all seasons. Further to stitching, we can easily find elaborate embroidery, lace, jacquard as well as beadings or sequins.

Whether you are planning a traditional wedding at the church or a romantic destination wedding, an A-line bridal gown will never be a wrong selection. There are only few occasions in your life that people will remember what you wear and how you look. And wedding is definitely one of them. If you want to find the most appropriate dress when you have no idea which style suits you well, choose A-line. It is always flattering. Search for sophisticate A-line wedding gowns on DressilyMe. You will find surprise and fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Show Your Confidence In V-neck Wedding Dresses

Main streamline is eternally the regulation of fashion. All the time, fashion gurus love V-neck. Jil Sander, the well known fashion designer once said, a v-neck garment is one of the indispensable items to women’s wardrobe. V line is always the main stream in fashion industry. Taking a glance at celebrities on red carpet for various Awards, we can always see v neck dresses. Well, for wedding garments today, v neck plays a vital part also.

Indeed, not only it is the part of the dress people spend the most time looking at, but it's also the one that draws attention to the face, the collarbone, and the d├ęcolletage. No matter how the trend goes to, it is easy for us to find V-neck on wedding dresses even among some of the famous noble brands. Wearing v-neck is just like a smart bride who is good at showing sexy, in high or low, revealed or unrevealed to the curves of the front between. It totally shows off the sexy with charm but elegance for both the instantaneous symbol, but also representing the eternal.

Are you annoyed of your wide neck? As we all know, having a bony and well balanced collarbone is the primary element to wear high collar or bateau wedding dresses. However, in fact, not everyone can meet the condition. And wearing v-neck just enables the neck and shape of the upper body become slender, concise and outstanding.

There are generally V and deep V which cut straightly till the bust underneath. The deep V is clearly the design with more eyes catching. Even giving up the necklace or necessaries, a deep V wedding dress may make you to be glamorous bride on the big day. It’s flattering almost every girl. Additional, no matter its ball gown, a-line as well as sheath or mermaid, you may find the feminine cutting of v neck. Almost, the V design works perfect on various styles of wedding dresses.

Since its prominent feature, many brides would require a specific V neck while buying their custom made wedding dresses. DressilyMe offers thousands style of wedding gowns for brides-to-be and make sure you will love one of them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Perfect Short Prom Dresses For Perfect Occasions

For young ladies, it is always amazing and glad to receive an invitation to a party. However, what is going to wear will probably be a big question for them. Because there are extremely variety of prom dresses can be opted. Are you wondering what to be dress up like a charming and eye-catching girl at the party?

Generally speaking, majority of prom dresses are in floor length or even longer which is considered to be formal and elegant for social events. This seems to be a common rule until the short dresses turns up and happens to be surprising everybody with it’ stunning creative short look. Obviously, it is popular nowadays and clearly one essential part of trend in fashion industry. Whether you are attending a black tie dancing, a cocktail or beach party, a short dress will be a great choice.

Ideally, the style of short dress is considered to be as simple as possible. But actually, short dresses can also be stylish with sophisticated cutting just like the traditional prom dress would be. You may desire an A-line sequins short dress for cocktail party. You may also love the sexy v-neck beading little dress with layers decoration for your evening dancing party. In short, an elaborate little dress can be strapped, strapless or one shoulder as well as mini or knee length.

Any time, the short dress looks amazing perfect on petites and slim girls as it flatters exactly the body shape and curve. If you have thin body shape with long legs, the knee length or mini short dress will be a wonderful selection for you to show off your entire curve. And it will surely bring you so many wow-effects.

In addition, comparing with long dresses, the shorts, to some extent are much more affordable and economical for young girls. Instead of spending a large expense to purchase a luxurious prom dress just for only one event, why not choose an adorable short dress for your different occasions.

You may absolutely be dressed up with a jacket and pumps for daytime business look and wear with more ornate jewelry and accessories for evening. Come and create your new look on DressilyMe which offers various short dresses for various events.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to choose a right dress for your wedding??

Every girl wants to be the most beautiful and shining bride on her wedding day. Without a doubt, wedding dress is an expression of her individuality and to some extent, it also tells a love story. There is a wide variety style to choose from the market. Such as A-line, ball gown, sheath or memaid etc. Most of the brides-to-be are confused which style is the most suitbale for them. Well, let me bring you some of the ideas.

Generally, ball gown is the most formal and traditional style. Due to it's hourglass shape with a fitted waistline and bodice, it leads to a full skirt which hides everything. It's good for skinny minnies and pear shapes.

Regarding A-line dress, it is always flattering. No matter you're tall, short, curvy or straight, and A-line dress that gently flares from the shoulders down will make you look fabulous. So there is no suprise that they are the most popular style. It's suitable for almost every girl.

Unlike ball gown and A-line, sheath dress is designed to tightly fit the body. It typically follows natural curves from shoulder to hem, and can be either strapped or strapless. Some of the popular designs include V-neckline, sweetheart or one shoulder etc. This style suits the tall and thin as well as the slim and petite.

For the memaid style, it's also known as trumpet dress which follows the curves from top to bottom, and flares out  to the knee or just below. If you have a slim body and want to show off your curves, the style will be dramatically helpful to exudes your confidence.

Last but not least, customized wedding dresses become trendy nowadays. DressilyMe typical provides such service. You can own your custom made dress for the big day and leave a wonderful memory for lifetime.