Monday, February 28, 2011

Alluring Open Back Wedding Gowns Roundup

Wedding is one of the greatest times for every girl. It not only implies the beginning to a new step of her life, but also reflects the all lifelong happiness. Definitely, wedding gowns deserve careful selecting. If you are asking for a modern stylish look which differs from others, open back dress would be the best option.

While other styles are more or less lack of innovation nowadays, open back is a breakthrough for wedding dresses. Rather than traditional and modest design, it maximally reveals the feminine glamour. Although it is considered to be an exposed garment due to its nearly naked back cutting, many trendsetters beat with confidence that open back wedding dresses can be also elegant and graceful. The cutting for this design is elaborate to keep the whole effect balance with its revealing back showing to the public.

Fashion has influenced the way brides dress for their wedding. Just like the prom dresses we saw on celebrities, the open back design looks beautiful on wedding gowns. It just allows much more place for brides to show their charming skin. Leaving your hair up or down or even swept to the side, the unconventional design just creates various unique look on the brides.

Without a doubt, the open back dresses are perfect with sheath or mermaid silhouette. Adding the exposed back, the fitted bodice of sheath or mermaid dresses accentuates strongly a feminine image. Particularly, there is one neckline we may find gorgeous with open back dress. It is illusion high which is sexy without being over the top. The unrevealed high collar together with the open back creates a choker effect.

On the other hand, such as A-line and ball gowns, more and more styles are designed with open back to cater to the market demand. Along with some ruffles or rosette details, the sweetheart A-line gowns bring out a stunning back look. Also, thin straps at back tickle your fancy on halter wedding dresses. In addition, keyhole open back on mermaid gowns will always make a surprise. It is modest when you look at the front. However, the splendid open back really stuns you by its alluring look.

Selecting a perfect wedding gown may seem like a tedious task, but it is supposed to be fun. Remember to take your time to search for the one flatters your body and tells your character. Come and visit DressilyMe which offers one-stop wedding apparels in up-to-date design and various styles. You will find nothing more than fun and worth.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish Cocktail Dresses Enhance Your Attractiveness

Cocktail dress is one of the most versatile dress that woman wear at cocktail parties or semi-formal occasions which take place in the late afternoon or early evening. Aside from the standard evening gown, the cocktail dress is expected to be more stylish compared to other dresses.

General speaking, the length of cocktail dress varies depending on fashion and local custom. It ranges from just above the knee to touching the ankle. When the length is 2 inches above the ankle it is called tea length which is usually worn elsewhere. However, the shorter-length cocktail dresses are now much more sought-after to be donned at semi-formal occasions such as black tie events.

Depending on the seasons or weather during the parties, there are numerous options of cocktail dresses to choose from. When picking out the right cocktail dress, make sure to consider the body type and make sure if it is the right design for you because everyone are built differently. However, it can be tricky for most women to pick out right style of cocktail dress. If you are bottom-heavy, A-line or low-cut neckline dresses will be helpful to draw attention to the upper part of the body and face. And off shoulder dresses will definitely make you look glamorous. While you may choose mini short dresses to get focus on you legs if you are top-heavy. After all, most of women prefer to hide the flaws of their figures.

Moreover, accessories such can somehow help to enhance charm and balance figure for women donning cocktail dresses. Look for a versatile style that will go well with different shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Simply a pair of high heels and bags matching a short dress will create a ravishing figure and get wow-factor.

Each year, cocktail dresses grow to more modern fashion and styles due to its individuality. Whether it may be prom, wedding, graduation, birthday or opening parties, cocktail gowns are effortlessly popular for ladies to show their charm in the best possible manner. DressilyMe particularly offer fabulous cocktail dresses in various styles to cater to various needs.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Halter Wedding Dresses Bring Elegance In Your Bid Day

A perfect wedding dress is possibly desired by every girl because it is absolutely the focus at the wedding party. Whether it is suitable or whether it is a right dress for the bride will leave down an impression to the guests. Thus, it deserves careful selecting. As there are many styles to choose from, bride-to-be needs to pick one that compliments her figure. Halter wedding dress is surely a popular choice.

Generally, the hater wedding dress flatter most body types and fit any style of wedding. Just like other necklines, it has its specialty. The halter wedding gown is often backless featuring straps that wrap around the neck, or a high neck with deep armholes. Brides who have beautiful skin and great shoulders can totally show up in this style. In addition, as the straps of this neckline can be various to create different images, many brides with different body type find it a gorgeous option.

One of a common and sought-after halter neckline is the combination of halter and v-neck. This kind of neckline forms a V shape within the straps wrap around the neck. No matter large bust or small chest, it just works well. For brides who have wide shoulders and full figure, wide v-neck halter dresses look flattering for the help of minimizing bust without attracting too much attention to the upper wide shoulders.

As the straps can be thick or thin, plain or beaded, the halter dress can be varied. We may find the spaghetti start from the center of the dresses or thick straps from outer edge of the bodices. It just looks elegant and fabulous. When choosing jewelry to go with your halter wedding gown, it is better to pick up a pair of earrings to catch attention than selecting a long necklace.

If you do not have any idea for the wedding gown, choose halter dress which will make sure to bring you elegance and chic. You may find DressilyMe offer halter dress in wide variety of silhouettes. It is one-stop wholesale blue ribbon wedding gowns at super attractive prices.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Up-to-date Prom Dress To Impress

Aside from wedding gown, the prom dress is another important garment for almost every girl. As it is one of the vital aspects for her to impress everybody at the prom party. Ranged from different occasions, the prom has been the most expected day in high school graduation, a homecoming or various kinds celebrating parties.

There are so many styles prom dresses for girls to choose from. Because of its prominent character, girls are always careful when making selection. Fortunately, we can get inspiration or reference from celebrities, runway shows, magazines, drams or movies. Majority of dresses seen on screen or magazines can be found in the stores especially the stores on line. For example, the sapphire blue dress started fashion craze and immediately sold out after Queen-to-be Kate Middleton wore it for the announcement of the royal engagement to Prince William. Kate has absolutely become a style icon celeb with many girls desperate to get hold of her dressing copy.

Always be open-minded to new designs which may bring you nothing more than surprise. An up-to-date prom outfits is not only being glittering for once at the party but leave an everlasting impression. Before you get to buy a prom dress, you need to know what your body type is even thought you will do just anything to have it most impressive at the event. If you are short, a knee-length prom dress can do you justice while taller slim girl look great in long or short dresses. In addition, be comfortable. Your prom party is going to be a long night. Therefore, selecting a comfortable prom attire will make you enjoy yourself throughout the night.

Many girls prefer a unique ideal prom outfits to make they special than others. Of cause you may have the dress customized just according to your own idea. Wide variety styles of prom dresses can be found at DressilyMe which have blue ribbon prom outfits in fabulous designs for your various social occasions. Moreover, custom make dresses are available to make you dream come true.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Glamorous In Your Prom Dress

It is always fun and exciting for girls to dress up in front of the mirror. To some extent, fashion style expresses one’s own character. Like the fashion icons, every girl has her own dressing style especially when attending a party. But how to be glamorous? A proper prom dress may be the most essential.

There are a slew of prom dresses in various styles can be chose from. However, when you making a selection, just be aware of the right dress for certain occasion. For example, if you are getting an invitation to a semi-formal event like cocktail party, a gown in shorter or mini length may be habitually worn while the ballerina length or long dresses are considered to fall into evening wear category.

In addition, body type will be another factor that should be considered. Fitting dresses can always flatter girls figure and enhance her beauty. If you’re a plus size girl, don’t even bother looking at smaller dresses. Sure, these prom dresses may look sexy in a photograph, but they’re generally created to make smaller women look curvier. If you’re already curvy, you don’t really need the extra help! Instead, look for plus size prom dresses which will accentuate your fuller figure.

Surely, many young ladies prefer non-traditional prom dresses because they want to look unique. There is nothing better than a custom made dress to show off one’s personality. However, budget will be another factor that customer would consider. In order to cater to the demand, there are wide variety choices ranging from luxury to inexpensive as well as discount for accordingly savings.

Whether you’re attending a junior prom or a senior prom, a prom is a very special occasion. At your prom, be sure to look your best and fully enjoy your night of glamour. DressilyMe offers one-stop prom outfits from head to toe for various needs at different occasions. Meanwhile, many discounts are available to make sure your delight shopping experience with satisfaction.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romantic Wedding Gowns In 2011

For 2011 wedding fashion, “romance” is definitely the key word. No matter for traditional or modern series, luxury or modest style, everything is around the blossom of romantic atmosphere.

First of all, the style of wedding gown changed this year. As we know, fashion is like a circle. The popular line of clean and simple style years ago becomes sluggish in 2011. While the mainstream style of wedding dresses which are designed sophisticated from extremely simple once again turn to be sought-after, such as mermaid wedding dress. Keeping the entire traditional luxuriant character, there are some of the classic elements. Among these elements, elaborated decoration is the most attractive. Lace work, handmade embroidery, pattern, beading, crystal and drape as well as bowknot are all accentuating the whole style flourish.

Come to the color trends, white is not the only option any more. Of course, it is the eternal fashion color for bridal gowns; however, more and more no longer the only choice to brides-to-be. This season, the ivory, cream, champagne, tends to be chic and popular. For instance, ivory wedding gowns can make the brides hair more elegant and delicate while light blue or pink dresses can let the brides with olive skin more vibrant. In addition, breaking through the original concept, the designers further add the ornaments in different colors to create a contrasting effect.

Regarding the fabrics, designs this year on one hand remain chiffon and satin as well taffeta to keep the perfect silhouette of the wedding dresses, on the other hand, tulle is widely used to display its perspective specialty. Matching the elaborate lace, tulle just enable the gowns romantic gentle, light and elegant.

In general, wedding gowns are always designed to cater to every need for brides-to-be in all aspect. Selecting bridal dresses my seem like a tedious task, but it’s supposed to be fun. Definitely, DressilyMe, the one-stop wedding shop is the best option for ones who are going to be glamorous at her splendid day. Wide varieties of up-to-date wedding apparels to pick from bring you convenient and hassle free experience. You will surely love it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modern Ball Gowns--- The Fusion Of Classic & Fashion

As one-of-a-kind traditional style, ball gown wedding dresses have experienced a long history. Thus, it is always considered to be the most classic and formal style for brides-to-be on their nuptials. An hourglass shape dress at times is reminiscent of fairy tales that princess meets her prince and has a happy life together forever. Why? Because the princess is always wrapped in a ball gown dress.

Unlike the other styles, ball gown has its unique character which is a bell-like full skirt cover the underside of the body. Brides who have a pear shape do not need to worry about the reveal of figure disadvantages. Because the ball gown with empire waist disguise a less-than-taut tummy and hips. This style usually has a fitted waistline and bodice which can further accentuate the bell-shape of the dress.

With A-line being in favor for the past decade, the ball gown suffered the fate of being labeled as too heavy and clumsy. As the truly classic ball gowns should be made of satin which embodies a sense of wealth and grace. Other fabrics are seldom used for this style. However, the modern romantic ball gowns are made of more materials just to give the bride a different look. And in modern days, even more than two kinds of materials are possible for ball gowns. They can be featuring a slinky satin bodice with organza floral details on the dress. It makes each twist of dress graceful like enormous flowers sprouted from the skirts on backgrounds of organza. The contrasting effect is lush, plush and very seductive.

Among various necklines, strapless ball gown is one of the styles frequently picked by the brides-to-be. The conventional ball gown wedding dresses are with cap sleeves or shoulder wrap. While nowadays, strapless bridal wear turns to be common and flattering. It allows large area for brides to show their skin and don perfect jewelry

Every girl has a dream of becoming a princess on her wedding day. It is imperative to invest time in choosing a wedding dress that matches the character you have. Readily, you may find DressilyMe one-stop provide from top bottom about bridal wear for your big day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mermaid Wedding Dresses Make Brides Stand Out

All the time, fashion industry has experienced a myriad of changes. Likewise, wedding dresses have undergone rapid developments on style, color as well as fabrics. Comparing with traditional dresses, brides who are in pursuit of stylish and unique wedding nowadays much more prefer modern bridal fashions. One of a sought-after style is mermaid wedding dresses.

A mermaid wedding dress is probably designed to cater the needs of the modern brides who want to show off their curves and fascinating figure. Rather than ball gowns or A-line, the mermaid silhouette focus on the entire cutting which closely follows the curves from shoulder to the hem, and flares out into a trumpet shape skirt at the kneed or just below. The fitted bodice and fishtail like skirt just create a dramatic and eye-catching look to the bride on her big day.

Typically, the mermaid wedding dress is gorgeous for brides who have slender and tall figure. Not only the upper bodice shows the captivating straight image, but the trumpet shape of dress brings out an elongated effect. On the contrary, if you do not want to get focus on your hips or have something to hide, mermaid dresses might not be a good choice. Meanwhile, try to avoid ill-fitting underwear, make sure to wear thin and tight lingerie. Since it’s closely fitted to your skin, an inappropriate underwear support may confront with unbalance effect and take impact on the whole design.

The mermaid bridal gowns support almost all necklines. We usually see the strapless or sweetheart neckline that goes stunning on this style which reveals brides beautiful skin and alluring charm. However, a high collar or bateau neckline on mermaid dress can also create a fascinating look without being too sexy.

Perfect modern wedding dresses are those that make bride stand out in all respects. Therefore, embellishments are imperative. Embroidery can further add the feminine feeling for mermaid dresses while appropriate beading or appliqués can accentuate the fashionable of the design. Wide variety of styles can be picked from DressilyMe which is one-stop providing what you need on your wedding day.