Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High Collar Prom Dresses Showcase Elegance

The prom season is ongoing now. Young woman all over world may enjoy the amazing spring together with various prom occasions. Obviously, there is a large demand for prom dresses. What kind of style will you pick? Well, there are extremely lots of options. If you are asking which is the most elegant, the answer will be high collar prom dresses.

As we know, neckline is such an important focus that attracts people’s attention because it is the nearest part next to the face and collarbone. Just like the name, high collar is kind of neckline that always extends up the neck or end just below the neck. It gives an elongated effect for ladies who have long neck and beautiful collarbones.

Being a traditional formal style, high collar prom dress is considered to be conservative. However, along with the rapid change within fashion, they have become modern and stylish. Indeed, the collar covers ladies’ skin at the centre front of the dresses. However, on one hand, it enables ladies with modest and elegant looks on formal occasions. On the other hand, there are many variations on high collar prom gowns nowadays such as a cut-out or keyhole that reveals a limited amount of chest while maintaining the look of a high collar. They showcase a feminine character for women.

Besides, the modern high-neck dresses are usually designed in an open back style. Imagine while the unrevealing front displays it modest, the open back when turning around can totally blow you away. This style also supports all lengths of sleeves and silhouettes. Whether it is A-line, mermaid or sheath, the high collar suits various contour well with its exquisite look. When you choosing this style of prom dress, it is recommended to have your hairs up or just have an updo which is very flattering.

To be elegant is a must when you attending formal parties in which we can find everything graceful and gentle in order. The high collar prom gown is definitely helpful to enable you a gorgeous image. From different channels we can find classy gowns, but buying from on-line shop is the most convenient. DressilyMe is one of the leading on-line suppliers offering first class prom dresses in diverse fashion styles and designs. It can professionally provide you top goods as well as best services.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Casual Wedding Dresses For Chic Modern Brides

Nowadays, wedding party does not only mean a celebration for the newlyweds, but also a unique platform to display the couple’s glamour and happiness especially for modern brides. Different from the convention, more and more couples tend to prefer a destination wedding on their big day such as a seaside wedding. And casual wedding dresses are definitely the favor to young modern brides. Without further to do, read on to get more details.

Train of Casual Wedding Dresses


Generally, there is train with wedding gown. It is in floor length or even longer to show its formal character and give people a grand expression. However, casual wedding dress does not necessarily require a train. Take beach wedding dress as an example, it can be in floor, knee-length or even shorts just depending on the place that wedding will take place and bride’s style.

Colors of Casual Wedding Dresses


Besides, while white or ivory is usually picked as a standard color for the bridal gown in a traditional nuptial, the casual wedding dress seems to have more choices. To cater to the theme of the wedding, pink, red or purple, wide varieties of color tones are used for adding a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

Casual Wedding Dress Styles


When it comes to styles, casual wedding dresses have less complicated design and decoration compared to formal gowns. But if you think casual wedding dress is simple and dull, you possibly should change your mind. Featuring broad range of silhouette and necklines, it is stylish and sophisticated.

Affordable Casual Wedding Dresses

Majority of brides would find it a big expense to buy a gown wearing for only one time. However, casual bridal dresses are quite affordable and to some extent help brides get more saving on the budget. What is more, they can likely be able to wear for any other occasions such as attending parties or other special events. Before you making a decision for your wedding party, it is wise to do a research first.

What Do You Think?

A casual wedding party may be less formal, but full of interesting moments. It is a dream-come-true occasion for every newlywed to enjoy their dramatic romance. So would you wear casual wedding dress on your big day? Which style will you choose? Be sure to let us know your thoughts with a comment below.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Exquisite Evening Gowns For Formal Events

The blossoming spring is always a wonderful season for parties. Girls in this season may usually receive invitation to various kinds of event. In order to pick out a proper gown to be an elegant guest, it is necessary to know the dressing manner before attending the party. Here we are talking about the evening gowns.

Generally, the evening gown is designed to match with the very formal white tie attire by men. It is usually a loose, long and flowing garment for women to wear in a formal affair such as opening of social events, dancing parties as well as formal receptions. With its special character, ladies who don evening gowns are always elegant and feminine.

Easily, the evening gown is considered to be a ball gown. However, they are different in style and silhouette. Ball gown is typically a fluffy garment with full and flared skirt with fitted bodice while evening gown can be varied in any contour. As a formal prom dress, evening gown has undergone a history since middle Ages. Instead of being a conventional garment, it has become to be a vital part in formal occasions in wide variety of modern silhouette such as A-line, sheath or mermaid.

Among those different silhouettes, A-line is the most flattering. It has a close-fitting at the top and bell-shaped skirt gradually widen at the bottom. For sheath evening gown, it is the most fitted dress by its tightly straight bodice and drape. Ladies who have slender figure would prefer to choose sheath gown to show off their curves. While mermaid dress is possibly the most chic and stylish, it is form-fitting from the bodice to the knee and begins to flare out just like a mermaid.

To match the formal occasions, the evening gowns are basically made elaborately by luxury fabrics such as silk, velvet and taffeta. And embellishment like embroidery, beadings, sequins or any other ornaments are widely used to enrich the gowns.

As we know, prom is such an important occasion for ladies to show their outstanding gowns even for celebrities. The red carpet competition in reward ceremonies each year is exactly the proof. Thus, it is better to look for some dressing inspiration from professional channel such as DressilyMe which is leading prom outfits platform offering blue ribbon fashion for any kinds of events. It surely can bring you help on your look for your special occasion.  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Proper Wedding Dresses For Plus Sized Brides

Tying the knot is amazing together with happiness and best wishes. Just as the fairy tale, every girl may once dream to have a perfect wedding, wearing a beautiful dress and getting married with her prince. However, it is always frustrating when you wake up to realize that your body type is totally a nightmare for donning your dream dress. As we know, no everyone is built in perfectly. Here let us to bring some of suggestions about wedding gowns to plus sized brides.

Generally, tubby figure with wide shoulder and bottom can be commonly seen on plus sized girls. These factors do not allow them to pick sheath or mermaid style dress as those silhouettes only belong to slim and tall girls. The smart choice should be A-line gowns which have narrow cut at the top and extends out along the body n a smooth elongate line. It can be circle dress with very wide A-line with a full skirt. Not only it makes your upper part natural, but also hides everything on bottom.

Another element should be paid attention to is the neckline. Considering broad shoulders and large breasts, bateau and high collar will not be suitable while strapless and v-neck all can be flattering. V-neck just reveals your bust alluringly to avoid focus on your thick arms. And strapless neckline fully exposes your skin and broader shoulder in a feminine manner.

Coming to the waistline, the empire is absolutely the right option for brides who have larger tummies or hips. The waist cut allows extra room for them to divert attention away from their tummy or hips.

For embellishments, we found ruffles enrich the plus sized wedding dresses. Layers of ruffles give details as a part of skirt that attracts attention effortlessly. When the full skirt covers everything below your waist, the ruffles on the hand show up the glamour of the dress.

In short, plus sized girl can also become a charming bride if she makes a right pick on wedding gown. Remember an ill-fitting gown can destroy your dream let you regret all the time. It is wise to look for dressing inspiration from websites. DressilyMe is one of a professional shopping websites to provide bridal fashion in various styles as well as opinions to help you be a stunning bride.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picking Out A Right Prom Dress To Complete Your Event

For ladies, prom is always a can-not-miss moment to show off their beauties and get attention as much as possible. However, realizing there are extremely lots of proms in diverse forms and themes, choosing a right prom dress is one of the most essential parts.

As we know, occasions differs from formal to casual. Formal parties such as political, military balls, ceremonies or any other dancing parties would require an evening gown which is usually in floor length or even longer. Among wide variety of long gowns, the A-line silhouette should be the most popular. Whether it is an hourglass, short or thin figure, A-line dress flatters your body shape gently. Another sought-after style is mermaid dress which can be usually seen from celebs in myriad of public events. It is slinky with fitted cutting from the shoulder to hem, and flares out into a trumpet shape skirt at the kneed just like a mermaid. This dress is considered to be the perfect style for tall and slim ladies to represent their curves. But it is not good for anyone who has something to hide.  

Certainly, homecoming, graduation, holiday or cocktail parties are more popular in our daily lives. Comparing with formal events, these social parties may go with relaxing fashion. Mini, knee or tea length prom dresses are the right options to meet parties’ character. Also, they can be worn generally as daily dresses. Any time, the short dress looks perfect on petites and slim girls as it flatters exactly the body shape and curve. If you belong to big size, then a tea-length dress will be possibly suitable. Furthermore, a pair of glittering high heels would be necessary to match your short prom dress.

When you ask what is going to wear in the Quinceanera, we would recommend a strapless ball gown. It should be full and flirty to mark the girls’ transition from childhood to young womanhood. If you are going to be the bridesmaid in the wedding party, a Hi-lo dress should make you stunning.

Just like various dresses make ladies stand out, diverse proms enrich our lives to leave down many wonderful memories. DressilyMe can definitely help you to complete your figure with up-to-date prom dresses in numerous different styles. Do not let good times pass by. Pick out a right dress for your special day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What will Kate Middleton wear on her wedding day?

Since the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton known to the publics, everything about this princess-to-be has been the focus in fashion industry all around the world. The upcoming royal wedding has aroused people with endless imagination especially what will the elegant commoner princess wear on her wedding day?

It is certain to be a great honor for fashion designers to do a custom made for Kate’s wedding dress. Thus, rumors have never stopped to be widespread that the designer of this great dress has been picked although they are always unconfirmed. However, here we can see alluring ideas or suggestion from numerous top designers for what Kate will wear.

First of all, it is Vera Wang, the queen of wedding gown designer that thinks Kate should be wrapped in a fluffy dress of a mixture of stiff and soft silk tulle while the intricate hand pieced lacework be in the high necked bodice with elbow length. The entire look can not only be poetic but also regal.

While when Frida Giannini represents Gucci to submit her sketch, it is totally a clean line of the wedding gown. Expect for the veil, there is hardly embellishment for lace or beading. Soft bateau neckline and unique train present a style which combines modern and classical.

Another famous brand Valentino presents its suggestion by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. They designed a blossoming dress to imagine Kate as a new Botticellian Venus. The work is full of beautiful petals and floral pattern. Off-the-shoulder design also reveals sexy and glamour.

The attractiveness of the princess is so magnificent that Karl Lagerfeld, the head of designer and creative director also gives his suggestion with a Victorian wedding dress. Keeping the original style of Chanel, there is decoration of lovely pink bows with the neckline and elbow. A pair of high boots is recommended to go with the fashion open in the front.

Without a doubt, the answer will not be revealing until the century wedding take place on April. Before that, there are many inspirations from websites about professional bridal fashion. DressilyMe should definitely be one of them which provide thousands of wedding dresses in various styles and latest design for every bride-to-be.

Friday, March 18, 2011

To Overwhelm The Prom With Modern Hi-lo Dresses

Taking a look at the international fashion show these days, we found many elements access to breakthrough and creative enhancement. Definitely prom gown is the focus which attracts most attention. From those various designs, the Hi-lo happened to be one of the sparkling prom dresses.

Differs from other styles, the Hi-lo has a variation of intermission with hem on the front and a floor length or longer hem in the back. Generally, the split is in the middle of the front and follows to the hem or back naturally. When it comes to the top of dress, the fitted bodice is widely used to match the dramatic skirt. Therefore, the Ho-lo not only can reveal curves but also show up the legs and shoes for ladies.

For the fabrics, floral patterns made by chiffon or organza are seen commonly for this style. The fluffy character of these fabrics creates a romantic effect and accentuates the whole image to be dynamic. It is just like a blossom of myriad of flowers when ladies turning around in a Hi-lo. Basically, the Hi-lo fits well almost every neckline. Aside from strapless, sweetheart, one shoulder or spaghetti straps, it is the halter v-neck hits the trend this year. While the open back displays the skin fully, the front intermission further adds women’s sexy and glamour.

Mostly, the Hi-lo matches mermaid or fishtail silhouette perfectly. The skirt can flare out above the knee, at the knee, or below the knee for slightly different silhouettes. The shape of the skirt and the hem can also affect how the dress looks. It provides volume all the way around for ladies who want to show up their beautiful and long legs. But do not forget to pick out a pair of glittering high heals to let your figure stand out.

The romantic spring is ongoing together with fantastic proms. Full of cant miss moments and enough over-the-top fashion to make your eyes pop, prom night is always a wonderful time for you to showcase your glamour. DressilyMe typically offers prom outfits in massive range with fist class quality. The one-stop shopping platform gets you hassle free and convenience as much as possible. Make sure you will enjoy your shopping experience with satisfaction.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Create Impressive Memories With Tiered Ruffle Wedding Gowns

Every bride to be is desirous for a perfect wedding starting with the dress. It plays a key role which is relevant to how the bride will look on the big day of her life. While there are plenty of styles can be chosen from, the tiered ruffle wedding dresses appear to dazzle the fashion trend.

Featuring multiple layers or fabrics, the modern tiered dress looks adorable for the shorts as well as long gowns even for the high low. It is equally stunning from the front to the back. Further adding the ruffle elements, it expresses in a romantic and seductive way gently. Also, it looks luxury and very formal. For diverse fabrics, usually the chiffon and organza are widely used on ruffle gowns to create the fluffy effect.

White is possible the most perfect color for wedding dresses. However, due to its versatility, there are extremely various color choices for tiered ruffle dresses. Bright popping color such as pink; blue and red enrich the dresses to be more vibrant and chic. In addition, multiple layers in different colors can be seen on floral embellishment of the tiered dress which hit the fashion trend these years.  

Since the intricate texture and unexpected details, the ruffled wedding gowns flatter most silhouettes. For the most feminine contour, the mermaid supports its beautiful hem on the flared ruffle skirt. Pretty floral attachments give the dress shimmering transforms to look spectacular. It really makes the bride to be a mermaid. While the elegant A-line gown makes brides impressive with softly tiered ruffles. It tends to give a glorious version and fits different body types. As for slender, sheath style may be the best option to show up the curve and figure naturally. But the tiered ruffles help to light up more glamour with its multiple layers.

Wedding is an exciting time which leaves bride down with a lifetime memory. That is why the brides-to-be all around the world never give up to pursuit a perfect wedding gown. As nowadays, shopping without going out is a trend. DressilyMe has been always supplying professional wedding apparel on line for many years. There are nearly thousands styles for customer to pick from in a one-stop way. Happy, easy, fast shopping experience you may find on DressilyMe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 3 Stylish Dresses For Prom Night

There is nothing like than parties to make every girl ardent and excited. As it is a wonderful opportunity to show up her beauty and glamour. Without a doubt, there is always room for a prom dress in wardrobe of each girl. Among many party dresses, which one is the most sought-after? Well, here we would like to list 3 different stylish dresses for you.

First of all, it is the strapless prom dress that never fails to hit the fashion trend. Over decades, this style has not changed too much with its design, nor lost its popularity. Whether it is a black tie, casual event, homecoming or formal evening party, girls prefer to don strapless gowns for various occasions. It is always a great option for who wants to reveal her collarbones and shoulders in a feminine way. Combining with V neck or sweetheart, the strapless dresses look alluring on ladies as largely as possible. Particularly, the strapless style is timeless and flatter diverse length gowns. Mini dresses, evening long gowns, shorts or tea length, it just matches appropriately.

Next to strapless, it is the bubble dress which is romantic and trendy these years. It is fairly adorable and seems to be one of a casual style. However, its one of a kind character just proves that it should not be overlooked.  The flirty rouching of this style brings a dramatic shape or figure for young ladies. Embellishments like floral patterns or tulle enable its wow effect during summer prom night. Simply the unique character helps girls win focus and to be eye-catching.

The last one is definitely the sleek fitted dress. This style contours to the body from the chest to the hem which highlights the curves of the body type of women naturally. Also its fitted cutting elongates the body figure and creates a higher image for women. That is why many Celebes are fond of sleek dress to show up their elegance and confidence.

Prom night is such amazing and to be stunning is a must. While different types of prom dresses complete various parties, it is necessary to learn which style fits you well and makes you perfect. DressilyMe has been professionally providing first class prom dresses in wide variety of styles and chic designs to meet every prom fashion need for ladies. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fashionable Wedding Dresses Enable A Perfect Wedding Look

Wedding day is no wonder the most vital day for every bride to be in her life. Just like choosing a right husband, selecting a perfect wedding gown is a big deal. As the gown used to be the focus in the nuptial and enable a lifetime memory always. It is great if you have a clear idea for your dream dress. But if you are not sure, why not take a reference on fashion trends for a perfect wedding look?

This year, there are many different elements we may see from fashion shows, media as well as Celebes. First of all, pleats and ruches are widely used in various silhouettes. Among numerous red carpets, the Oscars red carpet is definitely the most glittering and eye catching. No matter A-line, sheath or mermaid, dresses with pleats or ruches turn out to be unconventional and stylish. They tell more details when combining with sequins, rosette or other embellishments. Rather than modern, multiple pleats display in an elaborate and fresh way.

Furthermore, rich color for wedding gowns styles is available this year. While white is mostly considered as the right and traditional color for wedding dress, fashion brides who always would like to pursuit of latest trend and chic prefer rich color dresses to get more attraction. And it also brings many inspirations to wedding fashion. There can be red tone, pink or any other eye-popping colors on sashes, waistlines, bows and hemlines of the gowns. The contrasting effect just gives a life to the gown which can effortlessly enhance the glamour of brides.

Last but not least, classic styles such as ball gown and vintage dress waves its way to bridal fashion. The bell-like tulle skirts, high illusion neckline, a cathedral train and a quarter sleeves are seen on wedding designs. Except for classical feeling, they bring story about modern details.

With a doubt, there are a myriad of wedding dresses can be chose from. Thus, one-stop shopping store is the best option for customer. DressilyMe is one of the leading supplier professionally offers up-to-date wedding apparel from head to toe to satisfy every needs for bridal wear. You may find convenient, fast, economical as well as fun when picking your wedding gowns.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dramatic Split Dresses Make You Stunning At Prom

To be the center of attraction at prom night is the dream for almost every girl. There are so many dresses be displayed at the party, how to dress to be the most stunning? Well, here is one amazing styled formal dress that will make you look like a fashion forward queen. It is Split prom dresses.

Like the name called, the split dress has an open cut generally from the thigh or waist to the hem. This shape is usually seen on long gowns or formal dresses. However, the length of the split is various. There are half length, three-quarter length or full length. Also, it can be formed on left or right side as well as straightly in front or behind of the dresses. In addition, the long gowns with slit would be diverse with the train of the dress. It can be a simple elegant floor length or with a dramatic train. Which kind of slit dress do you choose mainly depends on how do you like it.

The prom dresses with high slit are probably most considered by women who want to show off their curves and legs. These dresses display glamour in appearance and thus a sought-after choice of trendsetters or fashion woman. That is why Celebes would prefer to don this dress when standing front of the publics. High slit prom dresses accentuate figure and they reveal the beauty of ladies effortlessly.

Which is the most fashion style for spring proms this year? Definitely it is the long and low cut halter overlay dress with a high side slit and dramatic train. While strapless necklines with open back dresses are also the popular option for most young ladies. As both of halter or strapless necklines match the slit skirt perfectly by revealing the sexiest glamour for the ladies.

The prom night is nothing else more than joy and dancing. Choosing the dress with high side slit to help you enjoy your party as best as possible. And it is surely the one to make you stunning. Come and find the latest fashion style at DressilyMe which offers best prom dresses in large variety of designs and silhouette.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Choosing Sheath Wedding Dress To Be A Fierce Bride

Spring is always the most wonderful season for party, for celebration and of cause for wedding. Perhaps you want to join the excitement by getting married at the same day as the royal couple William and Kate. Then, have you got ready for your wedding dress to be the glamorous bride? If not, you may consider sheath wedding gown which is chic and stylish.

As a modern design take on the traditional wedding dress, the sheath is characterized by a slim profile that closely follows the curves of the body. It is completely fitted and looks perfect on ladies who figure as tall and thin as well as slim. The dramatic cut and lean shape just adds the length and create an illusion height for petites. On the other hand, due to its lean shape, this style does not flatter gals who have pear shape or apple shape. 

There are wide varieties of necklines which can match the sheath wedding dresses perfectly. One of the sought-after necklines is strapless. For the slinky modern bride who wants to be nothing less than fashion on her special day, the strapless sheath gown features a striking neckline to show off the shoulders, while the waist is highlighted by floral embellishment. It is just ultra-chic and yet sophisticated. If you are busty brides, V-neck dresses will be flattering as they can show you best body part. With the rapid creation on wedding gowns, the sheath dress has never been simple. Fashion designer has added more fashion elements such as ruffles or flirty details to make it glorious and refined.

With so many options available, wedding gowns with sheath silhouette will stay in fashion as they always make women look and feel fierce. If you are a bride who wants to make your special day memorable, give a try on sheath wedding gown. Selecting wedding apparels is not an easy job, therefore the one-stop shop for all bridal dressing needs is the best for brides. DressilyMe professionally supply a large variety of blue ribbon wedding gowns to satisfy needs from head to toe for brides. You can definitely find your dream gown.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Empire Prom Dresses Complete Your Event

Next to the wedding party, prom is such important to each girl which always desires a glamorous look. Whether it is a graduation, evening party or any other occasions, a beautiful dress is needed to light up your image. However, not everyone was born perfectly. If you have something to hide with your body, empire dress is definitely recommended. Here let us take a closer look at this style.

The empire dress features a seam based high on the waist which is positioned just below the bust line. This kind of dress falls in a slight A-line and is named after the styles popularity during the empire period France. It creates a long flowing, airy look that flatters almost any body type very well. With its particular cut, the empire gowns help lengthen the appearance of the body and make an illusion of height for ladies who are short with small size. However, there is styled empire prom dresses which also flatter big size figure such as pear shaped or apple shaped.

As we know, fashion is something special for everyday. Due to the development of fashion, empire prom dress has experienced a series of changing. It is never simple and conventional. It can be exotic in one shoulder neckline if you are going to attend a destination prom, while be vibrant in strapless sweethearts at the birthday party, or be elegant in halter style for the formal occasions. In a word, it can be sophisticated.

Among most of empires waist prom dress, the vintage style maybe the most sought-after. Keep the classic silhouette and cut, it was added much more fashion concepts such as ruffles or embellishments. It is chic and graceful. Come to 2011 prom fashion trend, we see lot of empire waist gowns in A-line contour featuring floral elements either with rosette patterns or bloom prints. A strapless with beading or just simple spaghetti straps can be gorgeous to complete a fabulous look.

Now the wonderful prom season has coming. If you are still wondering what kind of dress is best for your events, come and find the inspiration from up-to-date prom dresses at DressilyMe which has numerous vogue designed dresses in great handwork.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red Prom Dresses Hit The Fashion Trend

Red never fails to be eye-popping. It used to be considered as a vibrant color which catches attention and arouses a strong feeling. Almost at any times, red dresses are the favor to many ladies. Even for celebrities who are keen on creative fashion to hit the new trends, red dresses are usually sought-after.

Due to its nature, red is always aroused involved with love which directly thinks of color of heart. In the 2011 New York fashion week, red dresses rocked off the runway by the debut of Heart Truths Red Dresses Collection. Most beautiful ladies in Hollywood stopped out to hit the red carpet in glamorous red dresses to raise awareness of heart disease among women.

The red dress flatters various silhouette and occasions. It can be found exquisite on the classic ball gowns while it also makes mermaid style more fashionable and glorious. Whether it is holiday prom, cocktail party or any other occasions, red prom dresses give elegant, chic and amazing look and make you attractive everywhere. In Chinese culture, red is also considered an auspicious color representing god fortune and success, joy and happiness.

Rather than gowns in other colors, red dresses imply power and confidence. It makes girls powerful and brings a bold statement when donning red dresses. The red fashion emotionally brings intense confidence. In the Oscars, red dresses light up the glamour of red carpet. It almost overwhelmed to stand out the stage. Whether Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Husdon, they are all stunning in red prom dresses. However, never think that red belongs to long evening gowns. Looking at Paris Hillton’s 30th birthday party, we found the red short dress she wore just created a choker effect. She is extremely gorgeous and chic in such glittering strapless red gowns.

In short, red tone definitely hit the fashion trend in 2011.There are wide variety choices of red dresses in exclusive patterns and designs. DressilyMe particular offers various styles prom dresses in red with up-to-date design and great handwork. No matter which taste you belong to, you will make sure to find your dream dress.

Friday, March 4, 2011

One-shoulder Wedding Gowns Light Up Your Charm

Any time, fashion is the focus that attracts everyone’s eye especially on girls’ wedding day. What the bride wore and behaved will always be a topic. Many of girls would go for what is new in bridal fashion than the styles that will suit their figure. Well, there should be styles which are both trendy and suitable for majority brides-to-be. One-shoulder wedding gown is supposed to be one of them.

The one-shoulder gown is also known as asymmetrical dress which is unbalanced with the neckline cutting. So it appears different on either side of the centre front. There can be either embellishments design along the neckline to make it more glamorous. Or just keep it clean and fresh without any decoration. This chic design fully shows off women’s collarbones and shoulder in a soft and feminine manner.

The perfect match for one-shoulder should be sheath wedding dresses. It is fitting around the body and has the curve display effortlessly by giving a graceful appeal on shoulders with finesse. While we find one-shoulder neckline be used more and more widely on ball gown or A-line bridal gowns nowadays. The unbalanced fitted bodice also looks beautiful and dramatic in the natural dropped and empire waistline.

If you are thin with curve, the one-shoulder dress will accentuate you much more stunning. Because this style looks better on slim shaped than big sized girl. However, the best advantage to this kind of design is that you have option of going for long or short wedding dress. It flatters every length varies different height. Perhaps the most important thing to do when considering the one-shoulder wedding dress is to have the bra free as it will more or less take impact on the asymmetrical character.

In General, wedding day is such an important day for any woman and thus a suitable styled wedding dress means a lot to her. Best for bride is the one-stop shop for all your bridal dressing needs. DressilyMe supply broader variety of perfect wedding dresses in top design and handwork to satisfy complete requirement on wedding apparels with hassle free.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Blow Away In Strapless Sweetheart Prom Dresses

All the time, every girl desires to own a chic and eye-catching prom wear for diverse events and parties. To make you stand out among a group of people, the prom dress plays a key role. As the blossomed spring coming, lots of prom parties take place accompanied the attractive prom dresses which are pushed onto the market successively. Strapless sweetheart prom dress is absolutely one of them.

For Celebes, they are always in pursuit of the chicest dressing and something the most creative to arouse a new trend in fashion. However, we may find the strapless dresses be sought-after by the top stars at every event. And sweetheart neckline contributes more stunning effect. Looking at the 30th birthday party of Paris Hillton, the red strapless sweetheart dress was definitely glittering. The short glamorous dress just implied how happy that Paris at her birthday.

Truly, sweetheart styles accentuate the most femininity and elegance to girls. Various figures look great in this exquisite design. Just as the name calls, sweetheart carries a heart shaped neckline which is closely and fitted to the body. With the lovely shape cutting in front of the bodices, it just makes you appealing, naturally and fabulously.

Compared with v-neck, the strapless sweetheart neckline turns to be more vivacious. Additional, you may carry this neckline in various silhouettes and length of the dresses. It is cute and graceful on a short or mini flirty dresses while displays romantic and feminine on ball gowns or mermaids. Ruffle, sheath and hem lace become the most popular accessories on this gorgeous style. Due to the special heart pattern, it can effortlessly be reorganized with other fashion dresses if you are the fan of sweetheart.

Coming to the accessories to go with strapless sweetheart dresses, simply a jewelry necklace or just let the neckline blank are both appropriate. You may make an updo or leave your hair naturally down to shoulder. Generally, a pair of high heel will do it better for the entire curve. And do not forget to bring a clutch with right color to match your dress when attending the party.

Prom night is fantastic. Choosing a charming dress to enjoy your splendid moment is a must. DressilyMe has been always offering the best prom dresses with wide variety styles and chic designs to complete every girls dream. Come and find your dream dress at DressilyMe.