Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Rock High-low Prom Dresses

Spring is officially here, and with it, of course, comes a whole new set of fashion trends. We already showed you some of the most popular trends you will be seeing this season such as the bodycon dresses and peplum dresses. And we've been on the dig for the latest trend. So this time, we're excited to show you another universally flattering trend you should try this season. It's high-low prom dresses! If you've never worn a skirt or frock with high-low, now is the perfect time to try the trend. Keep reading to learn how to rock the trend this season!

High-low Prom Dresses 2012

The high-low prom dresses 2012 come in all manner of lively colors and silhouettes, from elegant A-line to vibrant red hues. Plus, thanks to rich variety of fabrics and embellishments, these dresses have forgiving silhouettes that look good on just about any sartorial savant. Ladylike and elegant, these high-low dresses are perfect for any occasion, whether you're dating the sweets night out or attending an outdoor wedding! Below are some of outfit inspirations:

Short High-low Prom Dresses for Night Out

This short high-low prom dress is perfect for a party or date night out. Exquisite handmade beadings and rhinestones decorate the bust part, and ruffles on the skirt make it very cute. By pairing the pretty oversize earrings and a pair of chic pumps, you instantly give the dress a vivid feel.

Long High-low Prom Dresses for Formal Events

This princess strapless high-low formal gown gives the whole look a sexy and sophisticated chic. The intricately ruched bodice and over sized handmade flower will define your waist and make a bold statement. If you want to wear a necklace with a high-low prom dress, make sure it is a short one!

Tips on Wearing High-low Prom Dresses

1. Keep the rest of your look simple. A fabulous pair of shoes and a great box clutch are all you need with a high-low dress. If you are going to wear jewelry, try a cocktail ring or glitzy earrings.
2. Never cover it up! This is a style that is made to be seen, not layered over. The high-low part is pretty attractive, so just show it off! If you need to keep warm, try an open blazer, or bomber jacket.
3. Pick the right neckline. Like most prom dresses, all high-low tops fit differently, so you may want to try on a variety of options before making your pick. From the traditional halter style to sweetheart or even a spaghetti strap, there are lots of options within this trend. Just pick what speaks to you and go from there!

Would You Wear High-low Prom Dresses?

Is this trend your favorite? Would you rock high-low prom dresses this spring? If so, how would you style it? Let us know in the comment section!


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