Friday, May 18, 2012

DressilyMe Turns Three Years Old Today!

Today, May 18th, 2012 marks DressilyMe's 3rd birthday!

It's hard for us to express how much we've grown in three years. When we started in May of 2009, we were in the hope that every customer or visitor would like our site or find it a helpful store for occasions wear - we just wanted to bring our best service to every customer. For 1,095 days, DressilyMe has been visited by millions of people from all around the world! How incredible is that?!

So no matter you've been with DressilyMe from the beginning or are just visiting for the first time today, the DressilyMe team here wants to say...



Thank You for visiting and shopping with us. Thank for your patience and satisfaction while shopping on our site, for leaving your valuable reviews about our sites, products as well as services, for participating in our Events, and for sending in photos of your amazing look when wearing our wedding dresses or prom dresses. Thank you for the emails, the phone calls and the Facebook messages. Thank you for sharing your positve or negative opinions, and for telling us what you want and enable us improve better with our site. Thank your for pointing out when we're wrong, and for responding with such enthusiasm when get it right. Thank you for inspiring us to work harder and grow better every single day. Thanks for an amazing three years.

DressilyMe 3rd Anniversary Sale


To be honest, we're unable to express our thanks enough for all the support you've given us within the 3 years. That's why we're celebrating our third anniversary for the whole month with various Special Offers just for YOU! Just take part in our 3rd Anniversary Sale where you may get the biggest savings ever and share our Sale with your friends!

Again, a sincere thank you from all of us here at to our amazing customers on the planet! As alway, Happy Shopping!

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