Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Wear Neon Prom Dresses?

Each time when I think of summer, I immediately think of one of my favorites: NEON Dress. It gives many fun, optimistic vibe and eye-catching effect. Of course, neon prom dresses are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. However, when it comes to the way to pull them off, it can be pretty hard and be little daunting to wear if you've never dig into this trend before. So here at, we'll show you how to make them work and help you broaden your perspective! Check out our examples below!

Tips for Wearing Neon Prom Dresses

1. Define your prefect color. The best thing about neon trend is that there are tons of colors to choose from. Find bright neon that works well with your skin tone and show off your personality.
2. Make your neon dress be the focus. Wear a neon prom dress as your one bright statement and accessorize with neutral or color-blocking pieces. For example, you may pair a orange dress with bright yellow clutch. Be sure the colors contrast enough.
3. Play around with funky colored makeup to incorporate into your look, such as, bright hued nail polish and eye shadow.


If you are a little wary of wearing this fashion challenge, try out a monochrome outfit! This look is extremely simple to achieve. Start with a turquoise body-con dress as your base. This color is so subdued that it's perfect for a less out-there look. Accessorize with pieces that are all in the same color, like the neon necklace, earrings and straps sandals. Add some nail polish if you want to be more chic!

Go with Neutrals


We know that bright color is not that easy to pull off. But neutrals will be great to go with without overwhelming it. The dress we choose is simple strapless prom dress in red that can really make a statement. Pair nude tone jewelry to add elegance to the outfit, like the cocktail ring and adorable necklace. Finish off the look with some neutral pumps!

Color Blocking


Color blocking is a great way to complement a bright color prom dress, and it's super easy even for bright orange. Start off by choosing a orange one shoulder prom dress. For the rest of the outfit, we pair a summery style bangle in orange and yellow tones. While pink studs are cute to add some fun, the yellow clutch makes the look more sophisticated. Finally, wear some neon peep-toe shoes to draw attention.

What Do You Think?

Do you own any neon prom dresses? How do you style your bright dresses? Leave a comment and let us know!

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