Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zodiac Style: Fashionable Formal Dresses for Gemini

Do you keep reading our Zodiac Style series? If you do, you should know our past posts about fashion inspired by Aries and Taurus. In case you missed these interesting blog, check out Zodiac Style! For the third part of this series, we will be looking at the air sign--Gemini! If you were born between May 21st and June 20th, then you're a Gemini! Without further to do, scroll on down to learn the three fashionable formal dresses from for Gemini!

Youthful Gemini Look - Bright Yellow A-line Formal Dress


As an air sign, Gemini associated with the transition between Spring and Summer and bright colors. So start by opting a A-line formal dress in a bright yellow shade that are sure to appeal to a Gemini girl. Featuring a one shoulder neckline with fitted bodice, this formal dress is made of chiffon with exquisite handmade beadings and shining rhinestones at the neckline. Typically, the asymmetrical pleats from the bustline to waistline may show off girl's figure effortlessly. Simply accessorize with a funky style clutches and pop color pumps, and you are ready to make a statement.

Witty Gemini Look - Orange V-neck Slit Formal Dress


Like the symbol suggests, girls under Gemini have dual personalities when it comes to clothing, however, they especially love one-of-a-kind pieces. For this outfit, we choose a v-neck slit formal dress for an extraordinary bold look. This orange prom dress features a ruched V-neck line and sparkly beads at the empire waist. The sexy side slit on the floor length skirt creates a young and flexible look Geminis love, while still maintaining a chic style. The butterfly shape clutch is funky and picks up on all the colors in the outfit. Go for some fragrance and simple make-up would be great to make you look youthful.

Funky Gemini Look - Magenta One Shoulder Formal Dress


This look is all about creating a charming ensemble without sky-high prices. At the center of the ouftit is a magenta one-shoulder formal dress. This prom dress features one shoulder neckline in A-line silhouette, while the waist and bust part are sparkly decorated by PU leather and beads. Since Geminis rule over the hands and arms, we added eclectic stacked bangles in a pretty cute color to draw eyes. A rosy silk clutch purse is a wise choice for balance the look. Finally, pair with some peep-toe pumps for the ever-adventurous Gemini.

What is Your Gemini Look?

Are you a Gemini? Do you believe in astrology? If so, what do you think is a right fashion style for Gemini? Would you wear any of the above formal dresses? Let us know in the comment!


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