Monday, June 11, 2012

Fashion Trend: Would You Wear Bow Dresses

For most of girls, there is nothing more sweet and feminine than a bow. Not only it is cute itself, garments and accessories featuring bows are also able to remind us of playing dress-up as a kid. Since these pretty bows are popular on prom dresses and very summer-appropriate, here at, we think we'd get your take on them. Without further to do, scroll on down to check out some of our hot bow dresses!

Short Prom Dresses with Bows

Short prom dresses with bows are the perfect clothing for summer events. You can wear them with longer sleeved tops to cover up your shoulders without feeling too hot, or rock them with a simple tank and jewelry for an effortlessly elegant outfit. In addition, you can throw a more casual style on over a bikini with flip flops for day, or wear one with layers of necklaces and heels for night out.

Oversized Bow Dresses

The greatest thing about giant bows is that they are so attention-grapping, no matter where they are placed- in the front or back, on the top, waist, or at the side. When it comes to color and style, the options of bow dresses are endless, such as the slit dress with oversized bow. While bare legs are always a mainstay of summer fashion, this is especially fashionable this year and is certain to make even the edgiest outfit look feminine.

Ball Gown with Bows

For girls constantly struggling to stay up with the trends in a classic way, the fabulous ball gowns with bows will be totally work-appropriate! The best part is that they keep the look girly and not costumey. One tip for rocking it is to keep the rest of the look simple!

What Do You Think?

Do you like bow dresses? How do you think of an oversized bow? Which style is your favorite? Be sure to let us with a comment below!

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