Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Choose a Destination Wedding Dress

If you have ever picked up the recent issue of Brides, you know that "destination weddings" come and go in fashion. This type of wedding, often in a vacation-like setting, could be a lavish event in a metropolitan, a beach ceremony in the tropics, or a simple ceremony at home. If you have a plan for a memorable beach wedding, you need to know what your wedding dress is, or you risk looking completely messed up!

Tips of Choosing a Perfect Destination Wedding Dress

Regardless of what the trendy styles are, there are some dresses that are always going to look good on you and some that aren't. This has to do with the place of your wedding, the type your figure, and your personal style. Here are some ideas to get you started towards choosing a perfect destination wedding dress.

  • Choose a style that looks great on you! For example, if the modern form fitting style makes you perfect and strapless neckline draws attention to your flawless skin, you could choose a sheath strapless wedding dress.
  • Choose a great material! Great beach wedding dress is made of fabrics which are light, flowing and don't wrinkle, such as crepe, charmeuse or chiffon. Also think about fabric such as damaske, duchesse satin, batiste and illusion nets, these materials are light and will do well in the beach wind. They also capture the essence of a beach wedding in many ways. If possible, stay away from thick, heavy materials such as velvet or brocade.
  • Choose something that gives you a wide variety of options, such as a 2 in 1 wedding dress, so that you don’t look like you have the same exact outfit on the day.
  • Choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! You wouldn’t want your dress to be tight if you cannot walk 10 feet in it without breathing in.
  • Choose something practical. For example, the beach has many setting events that other environments do not. It includes wind, walking in sand, and posing near the water. Dresses with a very big train may get caught up in the sand while a long veil may become out of control with the wind.

Here are some amazing destination wedding dresses:
Elegant Chiffon Sheath Strapless Neckline Wedding Dress 
With Rhinestones & Beadings

Elegant Sheath Chapel Wedding Dress For Your Beach Wedding

Stunning Satin A-line Strapless Sweetheart Bridal Dress
 With Lace Appliques,Beadings and Manmade Diamonds

What Do You Think?

Are you going to have a beach wedding? Would you wear any of the destination wedding dress above? Let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts in a comment!


  1. Thankyou! I had it made by a local dressmaker, I worked with her to come up with the design, it is loosely based on a ridiculously expensive prom dresses I found online but could never afford!If I was getting married I was bloody well doing it in a princess ball gown!

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