Friday, June 8, 2012

One Chiffon Little Black Dress Worn Four Ways

Fashion is everything about creative, chic and versatile. Take the LBD as an example, it is particularly adorable, classic yet flattering on all shapes and sizes. Whether you like a casual style or more fashion-forward option, there is bound to be a piece to fit your personal style. Here at, we chose the versatile style that has been getting hot these days- the One Shoulder Little Black dress. Just read on to see four different ways to style this iconic wardrobe staple.

One Shoulder Little Black dress - Black-tie Party

Naturally, the little black dress was built for a black-tie party. Although it may seem boring on itself, when you combine it in the right way, you may create a seriously fierce outfit. Throw on some attention-grapping red pumps to go with black, besides, top it off with a pair of fancy earrings. This look would be perfect for any type of semi-formal occasion or a night on the town.

One Shoulder Little Black dress - Summer Vacation

As summer has arrived, everyone cannot wait for a happy vacation. This outfit is great to wear - a cute chiffon black dress, stylish floppy hat, sunglasses and a chic handbag. This look is simple and fashion forward! It is both fashionable and functional, and would transition perfectly from a busy day to dinner with friends.

One Shoulder Little Black dress - Working Girl

This chiffon little black dress is also a great choice for office lady who wants to get a little more dolled up. Pairing a sophisticated white blazer and polished stilettos that balances trendy and elegant! The bags will carry your working essentials and neutral color watch will keep your ensemble remain understated, chic and professional.

One Shoulder Little Black dress - Casual for Day

In this outfit, a casual outfit is taken to the next level, thanks to the chic summer booties. A rich cross-body bag adds just enough color to this outfit, which you girls are sure to love wearing for day full of holiday shopping. You could also add sparkly bangles for an even more polish look.

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What Do You Think?

Do you like this one shoulder black little dress? Which outfit above is your fave? Do you have any other idea to style it? Be sure to share your idea with us!

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