Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Would You Wear Animal Print Lingerie?

Traditionally a symbol of luxury, sexiness and glamour, the animal print is probably one of the most fashion-forward trend in the entire world. Although it might be more popular in chilly weather, this season, one of the season's hottest takes on innerwear comes in the form of lovely animal print lingerie. If you are obsessed with this trend, read on for getting a feel of these fabulous intimate and a few tips on how to wearing in summer.

Leopard Print Bra Set

For just a pop of animal print, try the leopard bra set with a simple sheer or classic all-black ensemble. They are definitely for the girls that want to make a statement.

Animal Print Camisole

This lingerie takes the bold leopard print and softens it with the help of some girly touches. The camisole is not only super comfortable to wear but also shows your good figure perfectly.

Zebra Print Babydoll

We all love our cute babydolls for summertime, so this summer, try the zebra print babydoll which can make you look very hot and captivating. This intimate is perfect for a sweet honeymoon with your darling.

Leopard Print Teddy

If you love funky style, go for a leopard print teddy. The wild shade created by the lingerie plays off the print nicely, and definitely adds a touch of sexiness to your fierce leopard look.

Tips for Wearing Animal Print in Summer

1. Stick to light fabrics. Cotton, linen, chiffon or any summery fabric will counteract the heaviness presented by the animal print.
2. Try a leopard print bra with a sheer tee or top for a playful, rocker chic look. A bra worn under a loose, basic top is sexy and fashion forward.
3. Wear with confidence! Animal print lingerie are hilarious and adorable, and it is important to feel good about the way you look an let your confidence shine through!

What Do You Think?

How do you feel about animal print? Would you rock a leopard print lingerie? Which style is your fave? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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