Friday, November 23, 2012

Would You Wear Glitter Party Shoes

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Hope you all score some amazing stuffs today. While in your shopping list, just don't forget to write down a pair of glitter party shoes for the following holiday events. Because these sparkly shoes offer a trendy way to dress up your footwear without being overwhelmed with glitz. For wearing to parties with your beautiful short dress, get at least one pair of really cute and sparkly high heels.

Although glitter shoes have been prevailing for ages, mostly in high heels, the look has gone viral for holiday parties. As a chic adornment in leathers and sparkly materials (like rhinestones or beads), glitter heeled pumps are a great way to draw attention to your feet.

Glitter Party Shoes at DressilyMe

Below are our favorite glitter party shoes from, they are all budget-friendly.

The beauty of the glitter high heels is that you can wear them to accessorize any of your party dress even you opt for a simple LBD. These daring pumps are in square toe and a sheep leather with a heel height of about 14cm. They could effortlessly make a statement for your look.

If you're feeling bold, go for some pieces in black hue.

These can be as simple or outrageous as you want. The look is fashion-forward but demure. Though very sparkly, they serve more as a complement to an outfit rather than the focus.

Will You be Wearing Glitter Party Shoes

Would you wear these sparkly heels? What's your style for holiday season? Leave a comment to let us know. And don't forget to visit for all the best Black Friday and cyber Monday deals.

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