Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DressilyMe Real Customer Review: 2littleslauren's Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Thanks to 2littleslauren for taking the time to create a thread on weddingbee board and share her experience with to all brides. We're pleased to receive her full satisfication for our wedding dress. Below let's take a look at the photos and her review!

2littleslauren's DressilyMe Experience

And finally, a million from DressilyMe (in order how I opened it):

Arrived in DHL packaging:

Came inside out:

Ok so now my review. First let me state that I am PICKY. UBER picky. I can't stand imperfections. Craftsmanship is incredibly important to me. David's Brial isn't up to par for me, Alllure, Maggies, I expect that kind of quality in my dress. That being said.... please read.

I placed my order on Jan. 20th (custom sizing).

They told me last Friday it was shipping, it arrived today (Monday). WOW FAST!

I didn't get any pictures before they shipped it which made me nervous even though I asked for it.

So the actual dress:

-smells like fish (not terribly and I am sure I can get this smell out somehow)

-BEAUTIFUL craftsmanship.

-The ruffles on the skirt are a little uneven, and not like the original Ella from the pics, the replica's are much heavier, but probably fixable and honestly I still think it's pretty. Nothing that would make or break this for me if I were wearing it in my wedding.

-The material is high quality. The appliques look fantastic.

-The fit is a little big (mostly my fault, I measured myself and added a tad extra as a safety measure)

-I cannot get over the fact that I paid $170 for this. It is nicer material, quality and sewing than 90% of what I have seen at chains like David's Brial.

I would recommend to anyone. (No I am not a compensated employee or something, lol!) Even though I am not wearing this dress for my wedding, they did a FANTASTIC job. The quality is wonderful. The replication is 90-95% the original design. I am incredibly impressed by their work!!

The Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Featuring the tiered chiffon layers, this beach wedding dress (STYLE NO.WWD009D1) has a strapless neckline which is full of appliques and beadings. It also has a train in about 30-4ocm length with lace-up back. Even better, the current price tag US $181.37 makes it a perfect option to any bride-to-be.

What Do You Think?

How do you think of this chiffon beach wedding dress? Would you be wearing it? Be sure to leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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