Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot Picks for 2013 Spring Fashion Wigs

Here at, we must say we're looking forward to spring for many reasons. Of course the refreshing bright dresses and we can finally wear our favorite sandals, but what I love is how spring brings renewal and rebirth. When it comes to hair trends for spring, there are so many awesome styles out there and below are just a few. Read on for our favorite picks for fashion wigs this season.

Short Curly Wig

We love the lighter and short curly transition from bold and long. This short curly wig works well for girls who have pointed, angular facial features. If you have a slim and long face, a short bob can add width to your face. Long hair can drag down your face, so opting for a shorter hairstyle especially with bangs can bring the focus back to the best features on your face!

Undone Style Wavy Long Wig

I always take note of what I’ve read in some hair blogs, especially for focus on celebrities or looks in runway shows. And I found hair was looking undone this season? This applies perfect to wavy long wigs, especially when it comes to 100% human hair. This trend is being used more frequently by girls who want their hair to look more romantic and ethereal. It’s kind of dreamy, natural and a bit free.

Multiple Layered Long Wig

In this season, I feel like some people tend to refer to textured, curly hair as multiple layered and I’m growing fond of the look Rock N Roll multiple layered long wigs. Although you may feel they sound harder, edgier. What do you think?

Side Parted Straight Wig

At the 2013 runway, the models worked the catwalk with hair parted side straight. But it wasn’t just any part made with a simple tail comb. This side parted straight wig is the kind of part that makes the eyes look alluring and seductive. No doubt a great night out look!

What Do You Think?

What are your favorite hairstyles? How do you think of our top picks for fashion wigs? In my opinion, no matter which one you choose, each of these hairstyles shows personality. Remember to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I agree with you, Wavy long wigs are comes to 100% human hairs. These wigs are very comfortable and also easy to use.