Friday, April 5, 2013

Outdoor Wedding Fashion: Rustic Country Bridesmaid Dresses

Down-to-earth, natural and outdoorsy but still sophisticated, a rustic country wedding is more than vintage and special compared with other weddings in spring. Because it's not too hot and humid outside, plus this season is all about green grass and beautiful flowers and the gorgeous neutrals of a rustic wedding palette always inspire me. When planning a rustic wedding you also have to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. So today I'm going to put together what we think are some of the best rustic country bridesmaid dresses that will be rocking this year.

Earthy Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses in Green

This color is the perfect fresh pastel shade of green. The chiffon fabric makes it more creamy and matte which leaves your bridesmaids looking plush and velvety. I love the color and handmade flowers while the v neck design make this dress distinguished. It's good for a wedding on farm or lakeside resort.

Rustic Country Bridesmaid Dress in Yellow

Though this color is called yellow, it’s definitely more of a maize color. Either way, though, it’s absolutely perfect for spring. I know sometimes yellow can feel tacky, but this isn't the case with this one, since its super nature halter finish with an empire waistline plays a starring role. It fits cowboy boot and it's perfect for wedding photography in a mountaintop lodge.

Long Rustic Bridesmaid Dress in Blue

This is the recent hot color in fashion. I love this blue in particular because it's not a basic nude palette. The shade is a little more unexpected since it's extremely the type you can wear for any place outside. In addition, the A-line long gown plays nicely with most body types. The asymmetrical crepes on the whole flowing dress increase some elegant feeling.

Bright Country Bridesmaid Dress in Flame

The bright flame color is so pretty! It's typically versatile and not as bright as red so you can pretty much choose it for your bridesmaids. It's the type you can wear with basic boots or sandals, moreover, floral headpieces, natives, the old rustic charm and some pretty jewels. Absolutely appropriate for a cool brewery or a barnyard wedding!

Natural Rustic Bridesmaid Dress in Ivory and Green

This shade is a muted ivory and green color. It does start off pretty sheer, but you can easily build it up for a rustic wedding like a ranch or farm. I love the natural style that set out to capture the relaxed, rustic feeling of a countryside wedding.

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What Do You Think?

So do you like any of the rustic bridesmaid dresses in particular? Which shades have you been obsessed with? Remember to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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